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let's face it!

Scaling From 7- To 8-Figures Is Staying In Your Comfort Zone

i know it might seem like a lot

To Scale from One to Ten Million

But really it is not in Integrity with your Creative Genius and what it can foresee for your contribution in this World in the next two years.

Sure, you can change up some strategies, employ more team members, and reach more people. 

But if you are staying in the same business and scaling that instead of multiplying businesses you simply act on the illusion of needing to work harder to achieve that kind of result and you know what else?

You’re working from your mindset to achieve what you can dream about instead of the ARTIST within you that only and ever is interested to create the UNIMAGINABLE.

This is the reason why you should kill your dreams, not manifest them. But that's another conversation.

It's a bugged approach to scale your business from 7- to 8-figures instead of multiplying to 9-figures.

You can temporarily fix it and make it work and yes, reach 8-figures in the next two years, or you can uninstall it and reboot your TRUE ESSENCE and act from a place to no longer scale and instead MULTIPLY your business.

Selling yourself short on any of those is going to create suffering that won't be fixed by practising gratitude all-day long and trying to fix something inside of you that was never broken.

Breaking the 7-figure ceiling is not the end of your success and a sign that you've made it. It is the stage in your business where you no longer have just to survive.

It's only the beginning on your ASCENDED WEALTH MASTERY™ and how your business chooses to expand and grow to not only ensure your thriving but your contribution to the thriving of the entire planet and humanity itself.

When you are a PIONEER at the forefront of the EVOLUTION to reinvent your industry and change the world your very essence EXPANSION.

Managing the success and wealth you have accumulated over the years and implementing the same business tactics like all the shiny gurus who are pushing massive volume, won't cut it anymore.

MY Story

From Prison to Being the PIONEER CEO™ of Three Autonomous 7+Figure Companies

"Where most people give up the PIONEERS are just getting started." Tabita D.

When I came back after two years innocent incarceration in a third world country, I entered a prison cell in my home country Switzerland where I had a bed, toilet, cupboard, sink, bed, window, television, and table with a chair. 

On top of that, the prison guard told me that if I needed anything, I could just press the button, and someone would respond immediately to help me with anything.

Needless to say that in comparison to the 3rd world prison I had spent the last two years with a shared cell, a bucket to sh!t in, no table, no television and no window, and some days no water or food, this was like heaven.

I finished my sentence and was released from prison seven weeks later.

I packed my things and left my home country within two weeks.

Since then, I've had one goal with every one of my companies.

For them to be a home for everyone who is part of it and to contribute to meaningful and lasting change on the planet.

I rebuilt everything from the ground up bigger and better than before. We've expanded onto six continents and served entrepreneurs and companies in two different languages and out-successed (yep, I invented that word) every milestone I ever had:

But I did that with only one goal: to become replaceable within my own companies because if today or tomorrow, I'd die or something else happened (I guess I am not gonna end up in prison again), they could live on without me.

This is why I put all my effort into building multi-million teams that run the daily operations of two of my companies for me and I retired from coaching at the age of 30 after I helped my clients:

Today, I am focusing on reinventing the world as a PIONEER one company, one human being, one child, and one animal after another while my multi-million team is fulfilling the delivery of our multiple 6-figure contracts.

Is this you?

If This Is Speaking To You…

This is the subtle voice within that reminds you whenever you look around and see the craziness going on in the world...

... that this online business that you've built to have the freedom to do whatever you want and be whomever you want has probably put more shackles onto your ankles than you'd like to admit.

You've tried the proven business scaling strategies such as:

Yet you are not fulfilled and happy in your business. And you know that you are not even close to fulfilling your true potential even though you look successful to everyone on the outside and are celebrated all around the world.

This is what all the "proven" strategies to scale your business to the next level haven't taught you.

At this stage in your business, whether it's going from multiple 6- to 7-figures or from 7- to 9-figures, you have to understand that it's no longer you building the business.

The key to unlocking this massive expansion is to value your employees as the most valuable asset in your company and aim for a very high employee retention rate.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than when one of my employees tells me like last week at a team meeting: "I've found my place."

A big vision, a fiery mission, and a movement can only be accomplished if the people supporting it are as invested or even more invested than you.

Your employees are the legacy that continues the movement once you are gone and enable immortality for the company that you once brought into the world.

Become a pioneer ceo™

For The Very First Time At PioneerU™

We make the processes, training, operations, community, and support available for 6-figure lone-wolf entrepreneurs who are looking to build a multi-million team and streamlined operations.

And for 7+figure entrepreneurs who want to hand over the daily execution of their 9-figure expansion plan to a high-performing team and retire as CEO. 

It's for those who are looking:

Pioneer Branding™

Step 1

To lead as Pioneers and step into PIONEER BRANDING™ to come up with the courage to lead and call people higher by reinventing their industries instead of complying with what everyone else is doing.

Pioneer Sales™

Step 1

To 10x or 100x their current rates by reinventing their industries and developing new market spaces through cutting-edge and innovative demand that results in rapid growth and adding zeroes to their profits.

Pioneer Marketing™

Step 1

To ditch the survival-based marketing approach of poking pain points, adding fake value through a ton of bonuses and pressuring their prospects into buying their 100k+ offer and instead expand their prospects vision into claiming the impossible as reality.

Pioneer Strategy™

Step 4

To expand into creating new market spaces and cross-niching into the most innovative and profitable ones to focus on sustainability, predictability, consistency, and stability to possess the ever-expanding PIONEER STRATEGY™ that they can delegate to their multi-million team to execute consistently.

Pioneer Operations™

Step 4

To implement their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) that are written processes in the departments of financials, sales, marketing, delivery, talent management, and production that have been proven to work and help you cure the expert syndrome through establishing PIONEER OPERATIONS™.

Pioneer Team™

Step 4

To save their most valuable asset - their time - by buying more time through hiring and retaining the right employees for their PIONEER TEAM™ and effectively cultivate a congruent company culture through high engagement, innovation, efficiency, creativity, and talent development.

Pioneer Systems™

Step 4

For automated systems with software that is not outdated, has bad customer support and is corrupted by a company who is going under and is only looking to squeeze every last dollar out of their market before they close down the product but instead invest in the PIONEER SYSTEMS™ that are ahead of their time.

Pioneer CEO™

Step 5

For differentiation and staying ahead of the competition and market challenges by stepping up as a PIONEER CEO™ that creates new market spaces instead of competing in an over-crowded market and trying to dominate that through suffering with the expert syndrome.

Pioneer Movement™

Step 6

For a business development and expansion plan around what new markets their companies need to expand into for globalization, who will carry the brand into a PIONEER MOVEMENT™.

At This Stage In Your Business

going from multiple 6- to 7-figures or from 7- to 9-figures... have to understand that it's no longer you building the business.

You can work endlessly on your mindset or align with your human design, but it won't fix the crumbling software you use to sell your product that is leaking your over-spent money in a company that is going under and the lost trust of your customers who experience tech headache while buying your product.

You can put up your vision board and visualize your way to your 300k+ income month, but it won't replace the feeling that something is not quite aligned and yet another team member has left because he/she didn't feel supported to achieve their full potential.

You can drop into another two-hour-long meditation to search for your big vision, but it won't get you as hungry and fired up as connecting to a mission that involves global change and impacts the most innocent lives on the planet - our children and animals.

You can buy into another shiny strategy to boost your ego and become the next TEDx speaker, but it won't make you as famous as standing in the shit storm of your life and turning it into gold to inspire the world that we all can do better.

You can grind away and make more money in your company, but there will come a day if it hasn't already arrived where the money is no longer motivating you, and you'll want to throw in the towel, burn down your brand, and walk away from it.

That's when you are being called to step up and come up with the courage to lead yourself and your company by reinventing your industry and becoming the PIONEER CEO™ that you were born to be - your true essence.

I could go on and on here. And before you think I am against vision boards, human design, meditating, or any of the things above, I am not bashing anything. They are such excellent tools for personal development.

I am pointing out that at the stage of expanding your company from multiple 6- to 7-figures or 7- to 9-figures they are no longer required to achieve that outcome.


Just like growing and nurturing your baby inside yours or your wife's belly takes nine months, it's the same with your company.

The Real Reason Why

Most multiple 6- or 7-figure service-based entrepreneurs with outstanding client results are waiting months or years before hiring their multi-million team or firing the wrong employees.

It's also the same reason why they plateaued at multiple 6-or 7-figures for a longer time...

...and ended up over-giving to their clients on many occasions.

There is nothing wrong with over-giving sometimes or staying at multiple 6- or 7-figures for a longer time.

There is nothing that needs to be fixed or healed, and I am not here to poke your pain points. 

I share some perspective around why that could be happening so you can make a different choice.

In most times, growing more sustainably is much better than taking a quantum and pushing a massive launch followed by a lower cash month.

But your potential is so much more significant than a multiple 6- or 7-figure business and charging your current rates when you could easily double that amount while seeing others who have been honing their craft for only a few years and delivering a less holistic approach but charging way more.

Not growing into that next-level of impact, mission, and purpose hurts because the friction between your energetic expansion and what you can invest in to amplify that expansion will become evident.

That hurt is usually targeted by survival-based marketing and poking at pain points to present shiny fixes such as immediate cash leaps, 100k months and another shiny strategy.

Allow me to share a different perspective than just another quick cash-influx strategy.

But First Story Time

I used to grow up in a very violent and unloving environment. I performed and had the best grades because I wanted to earn the love of my dad, which he couldn't give because he didn't love himself.

That fact didn't make a difference to me as a child.

I survived things most people would not and healed myself from it as a teenager after firing the therapist that wanted to put me on permanent welfare for my entire life because he predicted that I could never survive in a typical environment let alone have a job.

It turns out he was pretty right, just that I didn't need the shitty welfare because what he labelled as my weakness and needed healing was my biggest blessing.

Going through so much trauma and dysfunctional relationships made me strong, courageous and wise beyond my age.

My favourite thing used to be, sitting around a table with people who were 2, 3 or 5 times my age and giving them answers to issues that troubled them their entire life.

I ended up comforting and guiding them, not the other way around. That was also part of my protection.

That way, I didn't need to rely on anyone.

On top of those early childhood traumas, distraught and self-destructive teenage years, I also discovered that I was blessed with supernatural gifts and a vision that could predict things and future events happening years before they were happening.

These gifts were just some of the blessings my therapist at the time labelled as schizophrenic and why I was put on medication.

When I uncovered that the medication made me sicker and added suicidal thoughts, I threw them in the bin, fired him and ventured into a self-quest for the next three years until I became an official adult and started my online business at the age of 18.

For a long time, though I believed that something was wrong with me. Why could I see so many things that other people my age or much older than me couldn't?

It took me a few years to figure out that nothing was wrong with me.

My Pioneering Spirit

was exactly what I needed to fulfil the purpose of the first decade of my life. There I was:

I've evolved so much and continue to do so. But not to get clients or become a better version of myself. But because I love to evolve and be who I am - an ever-evolving WORK OF ART.

you might find yourself in certain aspects of my story

I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you.

You don't need to be further ahead even though it feels like it.

You don't need to work more, push harder or heal yourself.

You don't need to show up for your massive mission and purpose all alone.

Just kill the dream and let it be its creation.

That's how you smoothly evolve from a multiple 6- or 7-figure entrepreneur to a 9-figure PIONEER CEO™. 

And here are the practical shifts that support you in making that shift:

and here is how you can do that

In Practical Steps

To sacrifice what is most dear to you - your business and the very creation you brought into the world with your creative genius, your soul's gift and that made you so much money up to this point, you have to no longer make it dependend on you.

If you are the one making sales, writing brilliant content, delivering the service and mapping out the expansion for a world-changing movement, you are running your nervous system, your body and your soul on high-speed that it never signed up for.

To give up the very gift that helped you become so magnetic and attractive to your clients and get great results for yourself and them, you have to let go of being the strong and brave person that you are.

You have to be willing to no longer be the smartest and most evolved person in the room and stay in your lane.

If you have team members who don't perform or do the job to your satisfaction, it's because you don't trust that anyone can do it better than you can.

And you can't establish that trust if you don't allow others to be smarter than you without feeling like you are sacrificing your very essence.

Which is why you want to know where you are at on your Ascended Wealth Mastery™ to take a right next step for YOU, not some cookie-cutter approach.

From 0-60k months, you are focused on selling and marketing your fantastic offer with proven results and then add a strategy that works for you to get clients on repeat.

But as a PIONEER CEO™, you are usually years ahead and can perceive a very complex subject, break it down into simple steps to achieve an outstanding result for yourself and your clients in six months instead of 2+ years.

It's what makes you so brilliant and why you have been able to demand multiple 5- and 6-figure rates and work with clients who were financially more successful than you.

You don't have to sacrifice that. Just shift into a new role in how you use that gift.

This Is An Entirely Different Ball Game

From a multiple 6- or 7-figure business of being the face of your brand to an 8- or 9-figure agency, consultancy, or autonomous company.

Playing catch-up and feeling so slightly overwhelmed by all the requirements to expand your business is a symptom of a leaky container.

Mostly followed by a lower cash month than the previous higher one.

These are signs that you are leaking the life-force of your company. And as you've probably heard me say many times, you can't expand a leaky container.

You have to first look at the root cause that is causing the cracks.

Leaking yours or your company's life force can be traced back to those five elements:

If one is negatively affected, all of them are, and your creations (companies) won't have the strong foundation they need to become a movement beyond you.

When our clients partner with us in Pioneer Creations™ or join us in PioneerU™, they are usually leaking in any of those five elements.

We help them reclaim their own and their companies life force to have a container with no cracks that can expand.

With a solid container you can spend your days, reclaiming your space, body, and soul, take a deep breath and time-out emotionally and mentally because giving birth is exhausting.

Most procrastinate for months or years before they start hiring the right employees or firing the wrong ones because they are so accustomed to just keep going, making it all work, and being in charge.

We have learned to bear all the responsibilities without ever so often asking ourselves if feeling overwhelmed or always playing catch-up is how this is actually supposed to play out.

I am here to tell you, it's not. There is another way.

Let me show you how.

Let's start with your role as a pioneer ceo™

Where You Are Supposed To

As a leader of a business, you don't build your company. You develop your employees, and they build the company.

Developing your team can also be automated and delegated. If you don't do this, you'll end up in a business that owns you and takes away your very essence - FREEDOM.

That's why so many millionaires are stressed and burnt-out.

How do I know?

Because we see it all the time with our partners and clients. Their life is practically eaten up by responsibilities, work, and mental and emotional clutter because they've built the company dependend on them and are micro-managing the daily operations.

It's like having kids and then letting them live with you their entire life. What parent would want to do that?

So let's continue with your company that consists of:

For smooth operations through automated systems and SOP's you need:

For a multi-million team who is executing sales, marketing, customer service, production, and delivery you need to:

It's a long process of trial and error if you don't know what you are doing.

And it's no wonder why many don't make the transition and step up as a leader to become a PIONEER CEO™ by multiplying businesses, adding smooth operations and a multi-million team to their company to expand to 9-figure in the next two years.

If You Know

That everything I outlined above is your right next step, but you feel overwhelmed or don't get moving as quickly as you'd like, it's ok.

This just shows that either you are trying to do too much by yourself or you simply don't have the right data to act on to get the results.

And frankly, if you are a highly creative person who you are as a PIONEERING SPIRIT like all our clients, implementing all of those things above is probably not your favourite thing. That's ok too.

If you already have a team in place but would like to expand into creating new market spaces and cross-niching into the most innovative and profitable ones, but you don't know the exact 9-FIGURE PIONEER STRATEGY™ to delegate to your team to execute consistently, we can help with that too.

We've taken all the guesswork, trial, and error, and spinning your wheels and put it into a simple, highly effective, and profoundly nourishing container both in time and profits called PIONEER CEO™.

PIONEER CEO™ is designed to help you step up as a leader and reinvent your industry instead of complying with what everyone else is doing. 

We help you expand from a multiple 6- figure business of being the face of your brand to a 7-figure agency, consultancy, or autonomous company.

We also help 7+figure CEOs become Pioneers and retire from their company by designing a business expansion plan into new markets and training a team to execute it that brings in 9-figures autonomously.

This allows you to expand and acquire multiple companies or start new projects that change the world while your multi-million team takes care of the current operations.

We do all this by creating win-win-win opportunities for yourself, your clients and the world without sacrificing the life-force.

Building out PIONEER SYSTEMS™, PIONEER OPERATIONS™ and hiring a PIONEER TEAM™ to run those for you plus any kind of help in your daily life will:

So that you can take care of all your relationships within - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, sexual, financial, and creative - as well as without - your family, community, clients, partners, employees, friends, and this planet.

That's how your company can become more prominent than you and contribute to the world's loving and prosperous evolution with a global impact.

To support you in integrating and cultivating a conscious relationship within and without as outlined above, you'll have access to the LifeSkills Academy™ in PioneerU™ that helps you nourish yourself and upgrade every single area of your life to become a PIONEER to be the leader you want to see in the world.

If you are done with DIY and outgrew that version of you that built your business and you want colossal growth, expansion, and KPI's to measure your company's results, we would love to elevate your business to an art where all of creation effortlessly synchronizes to support your success.

We've perfected all of this for over two years, developed the training portal and community to train the people and provide the SOP's inside PIONEER CEO™.

It's what enabled my transition from being a coach to expanding into a high-level business consultancy. 

I no longer execute the daily operations for our multi 6-figure contracts or show up as a coach on all social media channels but we are omni-present to the PIONEER CLIENTS who partner with us.

We still deliver highly effective training material with PioneerU™ and have a wide network of PIONEER MENTORS™ who are the most innovative and creative GENIUS in their respective fields. 

Together with our pioneering training material, they support our clients to step up as PIONEERS to be the leaders they want to see in the world.

What we'll deliver during 12 months

Everything You Need To Become


We'll teach and help you and your team implement: 

1) Get crystal clear on the next level Vision, Mission and Operations of your company so that you can monetize it, expand it, and bring it into the World with deep integrity on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, sexual, creative, financial and global.

[We do this by helping you to slow down and having a strong community that is holding you accountable, a personal network of coaches that support you 1:1 whenever you need it so that you can stay on-task and stop the perpetual energetic distractions from shiny object to shiny object, overcomplicating your expansion and wasting your precious time]

2) How to determine what employees you need to hire and fire to surround yourself with employees of a PIONEER TEAM™ who are smarter than you in their respective fields, self-responsible and internally driven to outgrow themselves.

[We do this by providing a training portal for each position you need to fill in your company where every employee can access their training and is being held accountable in the community and have the opportunity to connect with others in their field.]

Think of this as an inter-cultural department of different companies coming together who inspire, motivate, and lift each other up to do better every day.

If you want your team to high-perform, there is no better way to create cultural congruence than putting them in the right environment with the right people.

This alone will save you the tens of thousands and hundreds of hours wasted that you don't have to hire, train, and fire bad hires.

3) Give you the exact process to create omnipresent brand awareness across all social media channels with only two hours a month, where you have to show up yourself to create consistent brand awareness with Pioneer Branding™.

[We do this by providing the material to master Pioneer Marketing™ that does not focus on survival-based marketing and sales tactics based on fear and dopamine-infused action-taking. We also deliver the training portals for your staff to learn and execute that for you. You can decide to do this purely organically or with paid ads but they are not needed.]

4) How to retreat into the dark and stillness to bring forth your next creation while your company runs autonomously like a well-oiled machine.

[We do this by helping you reclaim yours, your companies and the planetary life-force. You will accomplish this by focusing on time, money, purpose, creativity, and relationships. We offer the LifeSkills Academy™ for you and your employees besides the individual training portals in their respective fields so everyone in the company can become a PIONEER to be the leader you want to see in the world. That's how your company will be the change you wish to see.]

5) Help you set up streamlined processes, systems, and fine-tune operations not to waste your precious time putting out the fires. They are caused by outdated or broken software, lack of focus on data-driven KPI's, or team members' miss-management.

[We know that your time (and your client's time) is your most precious commodity, which is why we want to help you create a seamless and cohesive customer journey and less tech- or people headache.]

We Help You To

We provide everything for you to find, hire and train a tight and efficient multi-million team who can manage the daily operations for you:

What else is included?

You’ll Receive Exclusive Access And Opportunities Inside PioneerU™

LifeSkills Academy™

Step 1

You get access to the entire LifeSkills Academy™ Membership where you step up as Pioneer to be the leader you want to see in the world.

Pioneer Sales™

Step 1

You get access to the entire Pioneer Sales™ Membership where you sell out your 100k offers and cross the 7- or multi 7-figure mark without sacrificing your life force.

Pioneer Mentors™

Step 1

You get access to workshops and group calls exclusive with our network of Pioneer Mentors™ throughout the entire year.

Pioneer Training™

Step 4

PioneerU™ offers on-demand training on a topic or question that you’ve been trying to solve forever. Instead of hosting weekly group calls where you’ll only get to ask one question and receive hot seat coaching to afterward listen to everyone else for another 90 minutes, we instead create a training video that answers your question in the shortest and most effective way. We add all on-demand training videos to the respective membership so you can watch it at your own convenience and have more time available to create an autonomous company.

Pioneer Community™

Step 4

PioneerU™ is all about community, collaboration and partnerships. We know that movements can’t be executed in a lone-wolf environment. That’s why we offer a community for all membership levels where you can connect with like-minded individuals just like you and get support from our community manager to guide you through your questions. We also offer a community platform for all your team members because they want to enjoy the virtual office support just as much as you and grow better with others. 

Pioneer Coaching™

Step 4

PioneerU™ has a wide network of brilliant consultants and executives who offer their vision, expertise, wisdom and practical experience in a 1:1 consultation. We let you choose how much additional 1:1 support you’d like to receive. You can book a call at an additional cost on any of the topics offered in our curriculum and get laser-focused and unique PIONEER COACHING™ to what really moves the needle for you and your company.

Here Is Just Some Of Our Clients Love

From 13 / Hour to Multiple 5-Figures

I can highly recommend Tabita's work. My life has literally transformed in three months on every level you can think of, with my art, my relationships, financially, emotionally, physically, mentally etc.. It has been an adventure & I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own. I needed Tabita's kicks in the ass and straight, loving approach. Best decision ever! (Went from € 13.- hourly wages to selling multiple 5-figures, appearing on TV and selling out her Music lessons. Congratulations!)


From 10k to 100k in one Month

We made the 100k month in August (the same month he joined the mastermind) thanks to your fantastic coaching Tabita. Thank you! It’s astonishing how fast this happened. Miracles are always expected now. (He then went on with a 46K week and sold his first ever 18K package and crossed the 7-figure mark shortly after. His client also made 70K after one call in his new program, that we created.) Congrats!


I closed a 15k deal in the first week.

I've been in the consulting space for 20+ years and when I came across Tabita, I decided to work with her. She is wise, sharp and doesn't accept white lies. She helped me structure my work in a really different way that resulted in a 15k contract in the first week.

I made 30k after one call.

I actually upped my prices after just listening to your free live-streams and sold three packages at $3300. That’s WAY more than I’ve ever felt comfortable charging before. (She is currently selling out her High-Level Premium Retreat and has made over $30k in revenue after one 1:1 call with Tabita.)


It is the most holistic way of leading a business!

Thank you Tabita with all my heart that you are here! May many more people with your help completely change their lives and become the servants of their souls! (Collected multiple 5-figures and brought her own body of work into the world after years of looking at Gurus as the answer to all her seeking. Congratulations!)


I made 10k paid in full within 2 months

If you are really willing to act and stay committed then Tabita is right for you. She doesn't let you get away with things that are not true. Which is very good. She shows you who you can be. (Made her first 10k full pay sale.)


What Do I Know About Pioneering? 

I'm Tabita Dietrich, a pioneer, an artist, a bestselling author and CEO of three international companies that are here to help pioneers change the world.

Our business consultancy Pioneer Creations™ expands companies into stepping up as pioneer creations so they can reinvent their industries and create new market spaces instead of competing in an over-crowded market. 

Our e-learning platform PioneerU™ helps people become pioneers to be the leader they want to see in the world. That's how they cure the expert syndrome that caused so much suffering and pain. 

Pioneer CEO™ supports entrepreneurs to create autonomous multi-million companies without sacrificing their life force. This allows the CEO to retire and create more world-changing companies or projects.

When companies want to expand into their most audacious business vision but without the problems that come from leaking the companies life-force, they come to partner with us.

Our clients are INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE GENIUSES. They have WORLD-CHANGING missions and REINVENT their industries. They are the ones who step up as pioneers, become the true leaders in the world and call people and companies higher instead of complying with what everyone else is doing.

They also never fit into the box of becoming the best expert and dominate their space in a specific niche because the artist within them refuses to play by the traditional business rules. 

It's what makes them unique, brilliant and fearless when they walk into the unknown and create the unimaginable. And it's also this gift that everyone else labelled as their weakness and said needs healing that is the brilliance that creates their world-changing impact.

We are so excited to launch PIONEER CEO™ for visionary, innovative and evolutionary entrepreneurs with audacious visions who want to implement PIONEER OPERATIONS™, a 9-figure PIONEER STRATEGY™ and hire their multi-million PIONEER TEAM™ to support them in changing the world.

If you've achieved extraordinary results for yourself and your clients, but you hear the call that there is impact and success beyond what you can imagine right now, PIONEER CEO™ will be the expansion you need for unimaginable outcomes.

Will PIONEER CEO™ Work For You?

Our clients come from a wide range of industries and niches such as business consultancy, energy healing, love coaching, online marketing, quantum mechanics and computing and many more.

We know the ins and outs of starting, growing and multiplying a business with the intention to have it become immortal to truly be a legacy beyond your current lifetime.

PIONEER CEO™ is only for multiple 6- or 7-figure entrepreneurs who are ready to cure the expert syndrome and step up as pioneers to be able to monetize their big vision to 8- and 9-figures without sacrificing the life-force. 

Here is who we are calling in:

If this is you, we would love to elevate your business to an art where all of creation effortlessly synchronizes to support your success.

Your Remaining Questions Answered

What results can the right person expect to see, and how quickly?

Depending on how quickly you want to move forward with this, you'll see results within two to four weeks.

I really don't have the time. My plate is already full. What should I do?

If you don't have the time, then you should buy more time through hiring the right employees who take over many aspects of your daily operations that don't need to be executed by you. This is exactly what we provide inside of PIONEER CEO™. 

We not only save you months of hiring and firing employees who are not a fit for your company. We also save you thousands of hours because we provide the training portal and community to train those people who run the daily operations.

We also provide the SOP's, systems and operations that save you from tech-headache, overwhelm, frustration and thousands of dollars wasted on corrupted software and systems.

How much does it cost?

The question is how much does it cost you in time, money, relationships, creativity and purpose not to have the PIONEER OPERATIONS™ and PIONEER TEAM™ in place who support your world-changing movement?

My companies and I have generated multi-millions in our companies and closed anywhere from 5k to multiple 7+figure contracts while handing over the daily operations and delivery to our multi-million PIONEER TEAM™.

We could indeed charge 6-figures for it, which we did in the past when clients paid that for VIP mentorship.

Currently, it's a low multiple 4-figure monthly investment. You and your team can stay as long as you want. Cancel anytime!

All our prices are disclosed inside the application form.